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The Knights of Buena Creek provides community service organizations with the tools to fulfill their missions while promoting the ideals of volunteerism in our community.

The Knights of Buena Creek seeks to be recognized as a resource for local service organizations.

Our motto is: Aedificare pontes pro ministrandum, Latin for “Building bridges to service.”

Who we are

The Knights of Buena Creek was originally an unofficial, grass-roots award bestowed on adult volunteers who went above and beyond in serving the former Buena Creek District of the Boy Scouts of America from 2016-2019. During its three years together, this team regularly achieved its goals in the “Three Ms”: Membership (recruiting youth), Manpower (recruiting new adult volunteers), and Money (fundraising). When the local Boy Scouts council reorganized, rather than break up a successful team, former District Chair (and former Vista City Councilman) Scott Packard challenged us to take our skills to the larger community, where many smaller organizations lack the support system the BSA provides its units.

With this pivot from an honor society to a service organization, the Knights of Buena Creek is in the process of incorporating as a nonprofit corporation.

If your organization is struggling to meet any of its foundational goals, our team is glad to provide ongoing coaching in proven best practices in recruiting and fundraising – helping you get back on solid footing so you can return to focusing on the programs you offer our community.

What we offer

Manpower coaching: The Knights of Buena Creek will work with your board or executive team to learn time-proven practices in identifying, recruiting, and empowering new leaders for your organization. We will lead your team through the process of identifying solid prospects among your existing social and professional circles, walk you through a successful “ask,” and review effective methods of bringing new leaders on board so that they bond as part of your team. There is zero cost for this – it’s our members’ way of paying it forward to those volunteers who have showed us the ropes over the years.

Fundraising coaching: Money is the root of all good, right? At least, all the good things our organizations do require some money to allow them to happen. Our team of volunteers has decades of combined experience at identifying prospective donors, and then running successful campaigns connecting those donors with the community programs they want to support.

Meet the team

Trevor Bender
Jeff Boyer
Bryce Hall
Kim Hall
Karmen Harris
Linda Latimer
Jim Trageser

Knights Emeritus

Scott Packard


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All photographs courtesy of Louise Donahue