Why volunteer?

Volunteerism is woven into the fabric of American culture. From our nation’s beginnings, Americans have come together to give of their time without coercion or financial reward – putting in untold hours to serve others.

Today, with all the pressures, stresses and distractions of modern life, that spirit of volunteerism is at risk. Service clubs, veterans organizations, youth sports leagues, Scouting organizations and more are seeing their volunteer rolls shrink and age.

Today, only about 25 percent of Americans volunteer according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If these volunteer-led nonprofit groups die, so does a bit of our community. When a service club folds, nobody else comes along to do what it did. Scholarship funds simply disappear, free meals are no longer cooked or delivered, homebound seniors do not get those visitors, at-risk children do not have someone to tutor them after school.

Knights of Buena Creek was founded to replenish the spirit of volunteerism, to instill in our young people the joy that comes from serving others – and to illustrate the value that our nonprofit organizations provide to our communities.

We know that today’s young people are just as idealistic as previous generations, and we believe that once introduced to volunteer service, they will carry this spirit into the future and continue “paying it forward.”

If you already volunteer, thank you! We hope you will invite one ore more friends to join you. If you are here to see how you can give back to our community, we have links to nonprofit service organizations and government agencies that will gladly find a use for your talents and time. Use the menu above or visit our Where to Volunteer page to get started.